Data Processing

Analight Group has the resources and expertise to make meet all your data processing needs. Using our intelligent “right-shore” principles we can provide a custom-fit solution to answer your organization’s specific requirements.
  • Normalization
    Let’s transform your flat data into a relational database for more sophisticated processing and analysis.
  • Validation
    We can ensure that your data is clean, correct, and useful.
  • Business Intelligence
    Analight Group uses best-in-class and bleeding edge solutions from SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Tableau, Qlik, Pentaho, and more. Learn more [link to Business Intelligence] about impactful intelligence.
  • Reporting and Analytics (see Business Intelligence)
  • Classification and Categorization by Tagging
    We can help you classify your data or categorize complex data by tagging schemes.
  • Organizing, Sorting, and Rearranging
    We can help you regroup, reorder, and rearrange your data to produce meaningful information that can be shared with others.