Data Discovery and Visualization

We use bleeding edge analytical tools to enable business users and programmers alike to explore their data visually and discover new trends and insights. You can even share those insights with others!


We make data exciting! Our cutting edge dashboard solutions transform your data into engaging, highly-interactive dashboards custom fit for different roles. Decision makers and analysts can understand the numbers at a glance and gain new, data-driven insights through Analight Group’s dashboards and business intelligence solutions.

Predictive Analytics

Analytical tools have come a long way! Today, it’s never been easier to use the most sophisticated predictive modeling techniques to predict and influence business outcomes. With the help of Analight Group, we can use your data to fuel an engine of predictive analytics and enable you to prepare for the future in a way your competitors only dreamed of.


Analight Group’s reporting solutions enable you to deliver real insights and real value to your employees, customers, and partners. Distribute your data through the web, desktop, or mobile device and do it with style! We use the most sophisticated analytics tool on the planet.

Business Intelligence Platform

Enterprise-wide business intelligence demands a collaborative space where insights can be shared easily and seamlessly. Analight Group will help you implement a business intelligence platform that improves responsiveness and drives better decision making across the entire organization.

Data-Centric Applications

Analight Group has streamlined to a perfection the process of developing data-centric software. Our applications boast stunning data visualizations tied to the real-time data of the application to create an engaging, informative, and impactful experience for your organization.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Analight Group can help you stay connected to your information and insights 24/7 with real-time access to your collection of dashboards, visualizations, and data-centric applications. We will boost your organization’s productivity!